Many of us spend hours each day looking at a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone, and you may notice that your eyes feel tired after those long stretches of time. Your eyes may feel itchy, as if they’re burning, or they may even become teary. If you have those symptoms, you may be one of the millions Americans who experience dry eye.

Extended computer use isn’t the only cause of dry eye. It’s also caused by a windy environment, allergies, contact lens use, and age (it’s more common as you get older, especially in post-menopausal women).

Dry eye is an eye problem that’s grown in awareness over the last decade or so. For many years, people with dry eye suffered with little relief in sight. Some patients have had dry eye so severe that it’s affected their vision profoundly and has led to depression. Yet for most of us, dry eye is annoyance where we just want some relief.

Here are 4 tips to help if you have dry eye:

    1. Start with over-the-counter artificial tears. There are a number of over-the-counter artificial tears designed for dry eye at your local pharmacy, and many of them are effective. If you can afford them, buy ones that are preservative-free, especially if you use the tears frequently. If you find yourself using the tears more than four times a day, you should see an eye doctor for help.
    2. Try self-care remedies. Some self-care remedies to soothe your dry eyes include:
      • the use of warm compresses or a gentle washing of your eyelids once or twice a day,
      • taking frequent breaks to blink after staring at a computer screen,
      • wearing sunglasses in windy environments, and
      • not letting direct air reach your face from sources like fans and car air conditioning.

      An eyelid wash or scrub can help clear up a condition called blepharitis that commonly contributes to dry eye. You can find videos on YouTube that explain how to commonly and safely perform an eyelid wash or scrub, and there are over-the-counter products that help.

      You may need to continue these self-care remedies for dry eye over the long term to keep symptoms away.

    3. Add omega-3 supplementation to your diet. You may have heard about the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s, found naturally in foods like salmon and walnuts, are said to help decrease inflammation in the body. These fatty acids also can benefit the look and health of your hair and skin. Similarly, more and more eye doctors are recommending omega 3 supplementation to help your ocular surface health. That can help reduce your dry eye symptoms. However, be patient, as it doesn’t happen right away.
    4. Ask your doctor about Restasis (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion). Restasis eye drops, used twice a day, have been a soothing treatment for dry eye in the U.S. since 2004. After a couple months of using it, patients are able to produce more of their own natural tears, and that helps to limit dry eye symptoms. Although Restasis causes some minor stinging or burning upon insertion, many patients have found the drug to be helpful. Restasis takes a couple of months to work. Like all other dry eye treatments, have patience with it.

One downside to Restasis is its high cost. Because there haven’t been many competitors in the dry eye market, Restasis has typically been a higher priced medication, at an average cost of $251.56 for three bottles. At Discount Med Direct, we can obtain Restasis for about $94 for three bottles. Let us help you bring relief to your vision and your eyes.

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