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Let Discount Med Direct help you get all of your prescription medications delivered safely to your door. Discount Med Direct is not a pharmacy, but we do work with a network of licensed U.S., Canadian, and International pharmacies to provide you the best prices on you prescription medication. We also arrange to have your medications delivered right to your door!

The medications provided by our network pharmacies are manufactured in facilities that have been approved by the FDA, or like agencies in their respective countries, assuring the highest level of safety.

How much can you save on your medication?  Savings can range from 30% to 80% on your monthly medication needs.  Discount Med Direct can order all or most medications that you find at your local pharmacy, only for a whole lot less money. You will not find any high pressure sales pitch here, only a helping hand and friendly ear.


Tell a friend about us and save money.

$15 for you $15 for your friends

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By telling your friends about Discount Med Direct you can save $15 or more. For each new friend or family member you refer to us that results in a shipped order over $99 you will receive a $15 dollar credit to your account.

There is no limit to to how much credit you can receive. Be sure your friends and family mention your name to one of our representatives when ordering. We will keep an account of your credit along with the person’s name who placed the ordered and the amount of the order.

USFDA Approved International Medications

Through these International providers we can find great prices for your medication needs. International providers have an established price range that is comparatively 30 to 80% savings on medications.

U.S. Drugs

Discount Med Direct works with U.S. Wholesale Pharmacies based in Florida. From these pharmacies we can offer you most medications that you can find at your local pharmacy. These pharmacies, are of course, fully licensed just like your local pharmacy.

Our difference is, that through our contract you have access to your medications at wholesale prices.